Which bottles fit in BottleKeeper®?

Reiley Warren -

We have 3 BottleKeeper sizes in order to accommodate a wide array of beer bottles -- the 12 oz Standard, 12 oz Stubby and 22 oz Bomber... In Australia and New Zealand, we offer The Standard BottleKeeper, which will fit the bottles found here.

To see the bottles that will fit in the US sizes of BottleKeeper, click here.

And of course we're offering the 12 oz Standard and Stubby BottleKeepers in a variety of colors, with some additional 22 oz Bomber colors now available. If you are enjoying a shorter beer (i.e. Amstel Light) that has the same bottle width as those included in the link above, you may need to push the bottle into the BottleKeeper until the beer sticks out of the top. If you prefer the likes of Corona or Pacifico, note that it will likely be just a bit tighter and taller than the rest -- Corona/Pacifico are uniquely tall, although they should still fit with the BottleKeeper cap intact as long as the bottle is pushed down inside the BottleKeeper as far as it will go and the bottle cap has been removed.

Does it feel a bit tight?

The beer bottle inside the BottleKeeper is supposed to be snug -- that's how BottleKeeper keeps the beer colder, longer, and protected from impact -- so don't be alarmed if you need to put a little elbow grease into inserting an ice cold beer into your new BottleKeeper. It will be much easier coming out when it's empty.

Here's a tip; make sure you twist the beer bottle when you're inserting a new one or removing an empty...it'll be a bit easier.


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